About TimeOut Cinemas

TimeOut Cinemas, which is india’s fastest growing multiplex consulting firm since 2012, with its core and in-depth industry expertise in Indian market. The strategic objective was of course- to combine TimeOut Cinemas core competences and experience with local Business Associate’s vast knowledge and systems and procedures of providing multiplex management solutions to Business Associates.. In India, TimeOut Cinemas has combined their capacities and leverage on local interface and expertise which we bring to the aspiring franchiser of India.

TimeOut Cinemas is the India’s fastest growing Multiplex Chain running its Cinema Business by the Brand Name as “TIMEOUT CINEMAS” and our presence in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra AND OTHER UPCOMING States.

TimeOut Cinemas working in the Movie Exhibition Business for last 7 years and having total 15 years of Experience in Marketing the Programming movies in different areas. TimeOut Entertainment is into the Business of Making Multiplexes where we made more than 130 Screens at various Locations of the Country. We are making Multiplexes with Business feasibility and Value for Money product to the patrons as our association in making and running cinemas helping in creating our footprints in different Market and corners. We have vast experience in making and exhibiting movie Business in all type of cities which helped us in getting a clear understanding about different market potential for different kind of products, which help us in creating some robust business model for the targeted and specified cities to work with and with a substantial amount of profit for the year and as a whole to the Business.

As we move along with the project our teams for different departments shall connect to coordinate the strategic planning, legal services, operations, marketing, training and support services under one roof, thereby fine tuning all processes and procedures for devising your Growth Path.

We would take care of each and every detail needed to make you an effective brand to start with in the years to come.
We wish you all the best on your exciting journey of business expansion inorganically with an endeavor to create a growth structure which would bring value to both you and the Entertainment community.

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