About Tummy Treat

Treat in India is a common occasion for all of us irrespective of celebration. We always want our friends and family to have Treat together and we search for some great combination of Food with multiple cuisines. There we come with the Concept of “Tummy Treat” with different kind of Food Starting from very famous Indian Chaat to South Indian to Continental to Italian to Hot and Cold Beverages and Ice Cream as well under one Umbrella. With Tummy Treat we want to maintain the Legacy of our India’s Diversity in terms of Taste of Street Foods with proper Hygienic and Organized manner.

Tummy Treat is working in the Food Court Business for last 7 years and having total 15 years of Experience in Consulting and creating new mouthwatering and well acceptable menus. Tummy Treat is into the Business of Food Court where we keep different varieties and different cuisines as area specified and choice of taste specified and that’s give us well acceptability in the area of our presence. Presently we are  serving, Indian, South Indian, Italian, Indian Street Food, Chinese, Mexican, Tit Bits, Different as Sandwiches and all varieties of Beverages. We are also serving food as commonly known as Thali where we try to make it as much as homemade taste and food with substantial calories. We are running Tummy Treat with Business feasibility and Value for Money product to the Guests and also in many places we run premium Café with decent sit out and as professional meeting spaces with sip of Coffee. We have vast experience in making and creating new dishes periodically to help our guests in trying different varieties of food and also we keep in mind about the quality of food as well as the nutritional values which gives us the outcome with exact use of Raw Materials decided by our in-house Chef. Presently “Tummy Treat” is serving more than 150 varieties with multi cousin option. The Food Court model we run with specific and Practical R&D with proper Nutritional Values with Taste.

Why we are Important?
1. Staff Recruitment
2. Staff Training for different roles
3. Day to day operation and reporting
4. Creating New Menus
5. Food Court Management
6. Food Court raw material Management
7. Promotional material managements
8. Online Sale and Delivery Management
9. Periodical Audit/Surprise Audit
10. Planning of Activities with cross selling products   
11. Planning of different events /Festival based Activities/Seasonal Activities
12. Bulk Booking/Corporate Bookings
13. Kitty and Birthday Packages

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